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Last Call Looking for Seed Swap

4 years ago

I haven't been active here in a few years. You all were generous to swap numerous seeds and I have grown many varieties sent to me. I have truly fallen in love with trying new varieties every year.

I'm now looking for sweet, Italian, Mexican, mild, to medium heat level seeds. Unique flavor profiles. Also seeking indeterminate tomatoes that will grow in Canada in a greenhouse.

I've grown enough nuculear peppers that I have numerous varieties to share. Give me a good few days to reply to your message.

Here is my up to date seed list. Seeking 2-3 more people to swap with before it's too late in the season. Starting super hots today.

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  • hillseeker
    Original Author
    4 years ago

    I actually can't figure out how to private message here yet. You can reach me at

  • Mokinu
    4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    You should try Aji Dulce 1 pepper (fruity when green; not sure about red), Randy Sine's Evil Jalapeno (tastes a bit like bacon; harvest green for that flavor), Chervena Chushka (harvest green and use in cooking; it has a bell pepper type taste, but a particularly nice one), and Orange Carbonero (I've only tried it when orange; it adds a special something to dishes when cooked; raw, it has a peach-type flavor). I thought they all had unique taste. Yatzy has a pretty unique taste, too (I might describe it as salty); Grandpa's Home is the only pepper I've found that tastes similar (well, a Candelight pepper tasted slightly similar, at least, when it had salt in its soil). White Cloud has a unique taste when orange and slightly dried on a sandwich.

    People have to manually enable the ability to be messaged in their settings. You should notice the ability to message me when you enter my profile.

  • hillseeker
    Original Author
    4 years ago

    Do you trade to Canadians? Thanks for all the tips and suggestions!

  • Mokinu
    4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    You're welcome.

    I don't mail seeds to Canada, since I'm in the USA, although I could trade to Canadians who live in the USA.

    It's against the Gardenweb rules for trading to do international trades last I checked.

    I'm not sure what the seed export laws are from my country to Canada (I'd probably have to talk with my USDA representative to really find out what all I need to do to do things legally in layman's terms), but last I checked, pretty much all international exports/imports of seeds have some rules (which are usually catered to businesses; so, it's hard to know how they apply to individuals). Laws are different for different kinds of seeds, but I don't think they're as bad for tomatoes and probably peppers to Canada as for some other things.

  • Brennan (New Mexico 7a)
    4 years ago

    I’m overstocked this year and would be willing to donate some if you want. I can’t use them and don’t want them to go to waste.

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  • hillseeker
    Original Author
    4 years ago

    I still have quite a few seeds left. One final last call to see if anyone would like to trade. I received lots of tomatoes. I'd like some medium to mild peppers if possible. Thanks!

  • Zeak Rice
    4 years ago

    My list for SWAP won't be long but I will join. Have gobs of pepper seeds [a bunch from THE Smokemaster in '11' n '12'] but too old for a SWAP unless you are good at germinating older seed ['11' thru '14'] and want some.

    Also if Brennan doesn't want anything on my SWAP list I could buy some of his extras, SASB or something. Will ad list soon.

  • esox07 (4b) Wisconsin
    4 years ago

    If those seeds were stored in a cool dry area, they will still be plenty viable. I would try planting some just to see, but I have planted 5 year old seeds and gotten almost, if not the same germination rates as fresh seed. I would send the older seed and just put a note with each pack that is older and maybe not as viable as fresh.

  • Zeak Rice
    4 years ago

    "IF" is the big word. May sound crazy but I don't have a cool place [fridg is no no] to keep them cool year around, cept under the house and I'm too old to be doin that. I keep them dry tho. Gonna freeze them and am studying about germinating old seed. Yes, every year I use some of the old seed {this year I got one of Smokemaster's [2011] mystery mix seeds to germ. Lookn forward to see'n what it is.{ Now tomatoes is a diff't subject. I get them to seed easily at 7, 8 yrs or more.} Sending the old seed would be difficult for me. In a SWAP I hate to send 'bad' seed. Don't want a bad SWAP name. But, suppose if I make it clear and they want some, well ------. Thanx esox for the info.

  • Zeak Rice
    4 years ago

    By the way. Do any of you freeze seed? If so what do you use? Glass, plastic or ?

    I know it has to be airtight.

  • esox07 (4b) Wisconsin
    4 years ago

    Just a drawer or other place that doesn't get real hot or humid. I don't freeze or refrigerate seed at all.

  • Mokinu
    4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Warmer temperatures in storage aren't the end of the world, per se. I had Yellow Pear tomato seeds with excellent germination after about six years in storage (in a room that got quite hot in the summer and quite cold in the winter, just inside a plastic bag with seed packets inside). Dryness is probably a bigger factor. It's generally pretty dry here.

    However, if you don't have a cool place for storage, you could always try what I do now. I got some of those cheap completely-foam coolers they sell by the exit at Walmart in the summer (they're maybe $3 each), and now I store my seeds in those; they should at least help to stop temperatures from fluctuating quickly.

  • Zeak Rice
    4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Peppers to Trade: SW=SWAP M=My Garden SS=SEED SAVERS

    The 'SWAP' seed amount may be in short supply. Any Questions PM me.

    Aji Chinchi Amarillo '12' SW

    Aji Lemon ‘17’ M

    Aji Limo Rojo ‘11’ SW - Smokemaster

    Aji Yellow ‘12’ SW

    Ancho ‘13’ SW

    Antohi Romanian '17' M

    Aribibi Guasano ‘12’ Peppermania

    Bell {Lg Sweet Green} ‘13’ SW

    Bulgarian Carrot ‘12’ M

    Big Jim ‘12’ SW & Sustainable Seeds

    Bhut Jolokia ‘16’ SW

    Bulgaria ‘12’ Peppermania

    Bull Nose ‘13’ SW – Thomas Jefferson Center

    Cajamarca ‘12’ Peppermania

    California Wonder ‘12’ SW

    Caloro ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Carolina Reaper '17' M

    Cascabella ‘12’ Sustainable Seeds

    Chaguana 7 pot '17' M

    Charleston ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Cheiro Recife ‘12’ Peppermania

    Chervina Chushka ‘13’ ‘17’ SS

    Chicken Heart ‘12’ SW

    Chile De Arbol ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Chile Negro De Arbol ‘12’ SW - Smokemaster

    Chilhuacle Negro ‘12’ SW

    Chocolate Bell ’17 SW

    Corno de Toro ‘14’ ‘16’ SW

    Corno Di Toro Giallo ‘12’ Baker Creek

    Cosa Arrugada ‘ 17’ M

    Costeno Amarillo ‘12’ SW

    Datil {Sweet} ‘12’ SW

    Devil’s Horn ‘17’ SW

    Fatalii - Chocolate ‘17’ SS

    Fatalii – Yellow ‘13’ SW

    Fatalii – Yell/Orng ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Fish Pepper ‘12’ Sustainable Seeds

    Fresno ‘12’ SW

    Friariello Di Napoli ‘12’ Baker Creek

    Goat Weed ‘12’ SW – Smokemaster

    Golden Greek ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Guam Boonies ‘12’ SW - Smokemaster

  • Zeak Rice
    4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Guyena - ‘Tiger Teeth’ ‘12’ SW

    Habanero – Chocolate ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Habanero – Gold Bullet ‘11’ SW – Smokemaster

    Hidalgo ‘12’ Trade Winds

    Hot Portugal ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Inca Red Drop ‘12’ Peppermania

    Italian Marconi {Golden} ‘10’ Botanical Interests

    Italian Sweet ‘13’ Lazy Ox Farms

    Jalapeno {Early} ‘12’ SW

    Jalapeno Orange ‘12’ Sustainable Seeds

    Jamaica Red ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Japones ‘12’ SW – Smokemaster

    Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion ‘17’ SW

    Jimmy Nardello ‘12’ SW

    Joe’s Long Cayenne ‘15’ Johnny’s

    King of the North ‘14’ SS

    Korean Dark Green ‘12’ Sustainable Seeds

    La Rouge Royal ‘12’ Baker Creek

    Limone ‘13’ Lazy Ox Farm

    Marisol ‘12’ SW

    Melrose ‘12’ SW

    New Mexico Joe E. Parker ‘14’ Ferry Morse

    New Mex – Lumbre ‘12’ SW

    New Mex Twilight ‘13’ Thompson & Morgan

    Odessa Market ‘12’ Baker Creek

    Paper Lantern ‘12’ Lazy Ox Farm

    Pasilla Bajio ‘12’ Baker Creek

    Patio Fire ‘13’ Sustainable Seed

    Pequin Pepper ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Peruvian ‘12’ SW - Smokemaster

    Pimento L ‘17’ M

    Pizza Pepper ‘13’ Seeds of Change

    Purira ‘12’ SW

    Purple Cayenne ‘12’ SW

    Purple Marconi ‘13’ Lazy Ox Farms

    Puta Madre ‘12’ Peppermania

    Quintisho ‘12’ Peppermania

    Rain Forest ‘12’ SW

    Red Marconi ‘13’ Lazy Ox Farms

    Roberto’s Cuban Seasoning ‘12’ SW

    Sandia ‘12’ SW

    Serrano Huasteco ‘12’ Trade Winds

    Serrano Tampiqueno ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Scotch Bonnet ‘17’ SW

    Scotch Bonnet - Jamaican Yellow ‘13’ SW

    Scotch Bonnet – Red ‘12’ Sustainable Seed

    Scotch Bonnet – Orange '12' Sustainable Seed

    Scotch Bonnet {True} ‘12’ SW - Smokemaster

    Sheep Nose Pimento ‘12’ ‘17’ SS

    Shishito ‘13’ Baker Creek

    Sucette De Provence ‘12’ Trade Winds

    Super Shephard ‘12’ SW

    Super Sweet Pimento ‘17’ Lazy Ox Farms

    Sweet Chocolate ‘17’ SS

    Takanatsume ‘13’ SW

    Thai Burapa ‘12’ Baker Creek

    Thai – Orange ‘12’ SW

    Thai Yellow Chilli ‘12’ Baker Creek

    Tobago Seasoning ‘12’ SW & Sustainable Seeds

    Topepo Rosso ‘15’ SW

    Trinidad Perfume ‘12’ Peppermania & Trade Winds

    Trinidad 7 Pot ‘12’ SW

    Tunisian Baklouti ‘12’ Sustainable Seeds

    Turk’s Cap ‘12’ Peppermania

    Yellow Bedder ‘12’ SW- Smokemaster

    Zavory ‘12’ SW

    This was a hurry-up list. Hope all turns out well.

  • Zeak Rice
    4 years ago

    Brennen. Can't PM you so am wondering if you'd like to trade or whatever? . I put my PEPPER list here.

  • Zeak Rice
    4 years ago

    Also, Thanx for all the seed saving ideas.

  • hillseeker
    Original Author
    4 years ago

    I sent you an email Zeak