Help on flooring choice!

Jen Hans
3 years ago

Looking for a little guidance on our flooring choice. We are replacing (new) flooring because it is terrible, but we need to stay within the same manufacturer. So we have these two choices.

The lighter one is Sundown Oak and the darker one is Winter Oak. I like them both for various reasons. Our current floor is darker and I would love to go lighter, but Sundown Oak is very grainy and has a bit of orange in it. I love the pattern on Winter Oak but it is....dark. I attached pics of various light situations, other features of our house, and then our granite. The boards on top of a few pics represent our white cabinet color and our dark island color.

Above pic to show that our house has white trim and doors. The other fixtures and furniture pieces are not the "final" design pics.

The granite is not as cold in person than in this pic. The whites and grays are both warm.

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