Help design gurus. What to do? Bedroom Too bland? French Country?

Hello design gurus,

For the first time I am not working with an interior decorator and I really need help. I am finally getting my much needed first floor master bedroom. Due to certain health issues and having 3 dogs (one who just keeps growing I call Galump because he runs into things only kidding), and in spite of continuing to work full time, I am having some trouble walking up and down stairs the million times (it seems) that they need to go out. In addition I have what I call a boomerang college student intent on moving back home. I simply will not share a bathroom with her again lol.

I will now have a wonderful walk in closet, my own full bathroom (there is a GD after 2 teenagers), and a much needed dog run in the fenced in backyard. All of these years working in the highest crime rated area schools in Detroit besides putting myself and my kids through school has finally paid off for this single working mother.

I have furniture from my former home which consists of French Country armoires, coffee tables, buffet, dining table and this bedroom suite will be out of site from the rest of the house. I want a calming room (after the days I have), something I want to wake up to, and still in the French Country mood.

I found these pieces on line because going from store to store, as with most people, is too difficult.

What do you think?

Beds, rugs, comfy chairs, and bed I could find but the writing desk/chair is one of a kind so I would want to buy it soon.

I would purchase colorful pillows based upon which of the art I choose to place in the room. I do have two gold framed Renoir lithographs one of which would fit nicely over the bed. It is very subtle of a woman bathing. I see wall mounted burnished bronze or burnished gold swing fixtures with shades on each side of the bed.

This is another choice of chair and I would get 2

I have two dark wood nightstands (antique very French Country)

or I would use this

I have a painting I absolutely love. I guess it doesn't go in the bedroom? Or does it? It is a large piece 63x43 and have no idea if it goes in the bedroom on a narrow wall with a console under it. If it does go in the bedroom would I pull colors from it for the rug and pillows? I know one doesn't decorate around a painting, or does one? She speaks to me.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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