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Growing Redwood Tree. In Desperate need of help.

6 years ago


I am new to this site. My girlfriend has been growing these 2 Redwood trees and they are dying. I am trying desperately to save these. I took the large one out of the pot to show what is happening with the roots. I am guessing dry rot? I don't know. Can someone recommend a temporary soil I can purchase at Home Depot or Lowes?

With that said, we are in Northern California about 45 min or so from Santa Cruz( Bay Area Santa Clara) to be exact. We have tried desperately to have these planted in Portola Valley are but have been rejected several times. She grew these in memory of her mom who passed away from cancer. She loved Portola Valley and would like to have them planted there. Unfortunately, this is not happening.

At this point I am desperate for these to planted and saved anywhere nearby (i.e.) Santa Cruz, Monterey wherever. I appreciate the time to read my cry for help.

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