Two columns and a beam to support load bearing beam?oun

3 years ago
I am in the process of planning an extensive renovation of my house, which will include replacing a large load bearing wall with a steel structural beam. Due to the length of the span, a pillar will be required in the middle of where I plan to have a kitchen island.

If I were to do a large cased opening with a beam perpendicular to the load bearing beam, would that allow me to either place two support beams on either end of the island or eliminate that one column altogether? In theory, the main load bearing beam would then be supported by the perpendicular beam in the cased opening.

I’ve attached a general layout of my house. This is off a few feet, but should give you an idea. I plan to put a beam in that spans the length of the living area (those four rooms), and will have to have a column where the four walls currently meet. The kitchen will be combined wkth the current dining/kitchen and will have a big island around where those four walls meet.

Could two columns with a beam between instead of one column in middle to support the beam?

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