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"Secret Surprise" Basement Game Room Help

5 years ago

Hi guys! I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

As many of you know we are way over budget and over time with our addition/remodel. One of the planned on things was a basement entertaining space. Long story short our basement has shrunk down to about a 13.5' x 15' ish area and we can't afford to finish it right now. This was supposed to be my husband's space and he is bummed.

Well his birthday is coming up in March... And what I'd really love to do is surprise him by getting the basement set up to a useable space, and then throw an open house party on his birthday which happens to be a weekend.

I need ideas/help on how to make a dark unfinished basement into a functional space on an extremely tight budget, timeline and space.

The area would be primarily be for casual video/card game nights, movies, and parties.

My mom bought him a tv back on black Friday. (I've been scheming for a while.) I am going today to pick up a used round table with leaves that I will re-finish. Round will be perfect for games, but it can be expandable if we host a holiday. I am also on the look up for a used/cheap sectional.

I am hiding all the furniture at both our parents houses for the next two months. lol.

He is a big baseball fanatic and his favorite team is the Seattle Mariners. So we are going to incorporate the nautical/compass theme. I am stenciling the compass rose on top of the table for instance in the team colors.

What does every game room / man cave need besides a couch, big tv, and a table?

He originally wanted a pool table but it won't fit anymore. :'( Maybe one of those small fold up ones?

Thanks for listening!

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