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I sanded my honed Carrara marble island. It helped. Has anyone tried?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We had honed Carrara marble put in our kitchen and bathrooms in September. I sealed them right away with Miracle 511 Porous Plus. The sealer worked well but I was bothered by what were probably grip marks on our large kitchen island. This probably happened when the moved the stone or from a bad hone job. There was also a mark from where I had applied a poultice to remove a stain prior to sealing (the poultice removed the stain but left a shadow in the exact shape of the poultice application). So, I decided to play with my marble countertop and see what worked and what didn't. I used the Comet method ( I then tried some hydrogen peroxide to get rid of an oil stain that occurred after I used the Comet (the Comet removed the sealer hence the stain). And then I tried 400 grit wet sandpaper by hand. The end result is a better looking island. Not dramatically better (it didn't look bad to begin with). I just wanted to experiment and see what methods I would choose going forward with my marble. And, yes, I tried each method on a practice slab first. The photo here is shortly after I resealed it with Miracle 511 Porous Plus after a few weeks of experiments (the methods that I describe above remove some or all of the sealant).

Any other owners of honed Carrara marble who have had similar experiences? Any other recommendations?

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