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Warm Season Grow List for 2018

If this looks shorter than in preceding years, it should. I am trying to cut back on the number of varieties of most things in order to grow more varieties of a few selected favorites.

Tomatoes are not included here because they are on the Tomato Grow List thread already.

Here we go:

Sweet Corn: Kandy Korn

Green Beans, Bush: Provider, Contender, Royalty Purple Pod

Green Beans, Pole: Flamingo, Red-Striped Greasy, Wittner White

Lima Beans: Sieva, Jackson Wonder

Cucumbers: County Fair, Lemon Cucumber, Armenian Cucumber

Okra: Stewart's Zeebest


Jalapenos: Biker Billy, Chichimeca, Mucho Nacho

Pepperoncino: Orange Pepperonci and Golden Greek

Sweet: Yolo Wonder


Summer: Cocozelle, Costata Romanesco, Early Prolific Straightneck

Winter: Seminole

Cantaloupe: Israel (Ha'Ogen), Old Israeli, Crane, Ambrosia

Watermelon: Faerie, Gold in Gold, Harvest Moon, Mini Love, Early Moonbeam, New Orchid, Yellow Baby, Yellow Doll, Sugar Baby, Tiger Baby

Southern Pea: Elite, Quickpick, Kiawah, Knucklehull, Big Red Ripper, Big Yellow Ripper

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