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Bathroom wall needs repairs - 1950 home

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Because of Hurricane Harvey the Formica half wall has buckled away for the bathroom wall plus there is damage to the sheet-rock above near the window. There are "lines of watermarks" where the rain blew in-between the slates of my frame wooden house. I had no rising water, so no help from FEMA/Red Cross. I need to budget this repair on my own. I want to keep the wall the same because I am not replacing the other two adjoining walls. I just don't have the money. I am thinking of buy another piece of Formica in a color close to what I all ready have. Needs concrete backboard for sure. The wall is about 6 ft long and about 8 ft tall minus the bathtub and a single window. Do not want a "Bath tub wrap". Any suggestions? Prices?

Thanks Kathy

Edited to add picture --the blue with gold streaks is Formica (or laminate). the back curtain is hiding the window. the top right hand corner is see the damage sheet rock. The picture does not show the "buckling of the Formica wall.

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