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shutter and front door color help

5 years ago
I’ve been meaning to paint my shutters and front door since we bought this place 5 years ago, but I’m afraid to make a mistake.

The brick is a pinky color with light gray/taupe-ish parts and the shutters and door are both deep magenta(?)-ish color. I hate the white outlines in the door and I plan to paint it all the same color as the door once I repaint.

The brick and red color in the sample I posted is nearly identical to the current colors. Sorry the pics of my house are the best I can get with the (always) oak tree shadows. The garages are white and the siding on the top floor is a very light gray. Flashing is white.

What colors would look best for the shutters and door? Can I use two different colors (like a red door and dark gray shutters) or is that too much?

I appreciate your opinions! I want to get this done (finally) before the Florida summer heat starts.

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