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Schluter strip sticks out further than tile. Wrong size? Poor install?

5 years ago

Hi there!

I just bought a house and hired a contractor to do some work on my bathroom. I wanted to do something a little funky. But I've been having an issue with the way the Schluter strip looks, and I need some folks to gut check and tell me if I'm being overly picky.

I selected two different tiles for my bathroom--a grey shower tile with a bullnose and a patterned tile for the walls that doesn't have a bullnose. For the patterned tile, I opted to get a Schluter Rondec strip. I asked the guys installing the tile to check and make sure that I got the right size.

They started installing it and it... didn't look great. It seemed to project out from the wall further than the tile. Not by TOO much, but enough that it was noticeable. It looks like a small chair rail more than a seamless edge to the tile. I pointed this out to the installers when there was just a small portion done, but they absolutely insisted that it was supposed to look this way and that it would look so much better when it was grouted. I had suggested that I order a smaller size, but they said no and repeatedly insisted that this was the perfect size.

Then they went ahead and installed the strip on the rest of the tile. It just looks wrong to me, like it sticks out too much and is too noticeable. But still, even though I've pointed this out and that I don't like it, they insist that it's supposed to be that way and that it looks good.

The issue might be exacerbated by the fact that I chose a patterned tile and a bright paint color. (I know it's funky, but I like it.)

Everything I've read and watched about Schluter strip installation indicates that it's supposed to line up smoothly with the tile.

Am I crazy? Now it's done, so I'm probably stuck with it this way. But it's such an eyesore. Maybe I'll get used to it.

Some pictures attached. Due to some work on my floors, I don't have super close pictures of the finished work, but I'll try to snap some as soon as I can. (I left my phone in the car when I stopped in last.)

Thank you!

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