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Very small master bedroom. How to make it more appealing?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

My home is contemporary in style. The walls are mostly white with a greenish tint, the trim is white. We have high ceilings and big beautiful wood windows. Most of the house is very spacious, but the master bedroom is tiny. The prior owner broke the large master bedroom into the small one it is now, and a separate office.

I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on how we can make this bedroom more appealing. We do want to keep our king bed and it is currently against the only possible wall where it fits, and centered on that wall between 2 light sconces (one shown in the pic below). There are very small side tables on either side of the bed where we could fit a small lamp I suppose but I'm not sure if adding that would make sense? In keeping with the rest of the house, it doesn't make sense to put in ornate draperies or anything like that. Also I don't want to install shutters as the windows are casement windows that we open/close regularly, and there isn't much room to move the shutters out of the way when doing so.

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