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Help with hardwood floor care please

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I had new hardwood flooring installed along with the existing hardwood sanded and refinished (to match the new) when I moved in my house last year, the finish is satin (polyurethane). My typical care is regular vacuuming (hardwood-safe canister wand head, no beater bar) and occasional cleaning with a microfiber mop and Bona -- we do not wear shoes in the house, and that really cuts down on the need to wash the floors. There has been daily cleaning of one area because of the paw prints in the winter, but this is not the case most of year.

The finish is starting to look dull and it's driving me nuts. I thought it was the Bona maybe leaving a residue, so I switched to Bruce Hardwood Floor and Laminate cleaner, which seems better but still looks dull to me. What can I do to get the shine back? Do I have to hand-buff with a microfiber cloth? Use a different product? Forget about it and live with a dull floor? I've heard not to use polish on polyurethane - ?. Maybe my mopping technique is bad (I spray the cleaner on the floor, then wipe with the microfiber mop and let dry)? Help!

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