Citrus Winter Leaf Drop, Root Rot, any Hope. SOS

3 years ago

H everyone,

I love this forum and have gotten some good information. I hope today to get some more.

I have a Meyer Lemon tree I got as a gift from Fast Growing Trees. It is about 4 feet tall. I have no idea what it's age is. I repotted the plant immediately when I got it (broke up the rootball a little and put it in a bigger pot with Miracle Gro Citrus potting mix about 16" diameter). I almost immediately (2 weeks later) read that I had put it in too large of a pot and used the wrong soil. (Everyone seems to agree that MG stays too wet too long). I also read that I had probably been overwatering it. All of this in about 3 weeks time. So I repotted it in heavily amended potting mix (2 parts organic mix, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite) in a 12" pot. Only watered it once since then after my moisture reader read 2 on a scale of 1-10.

The tree sits near a South facing window. It gets about 5 hours of good light in the morning. Then, I turn grow lights on it in the afternoon for about about another 3 hours.

It seemed to be doing fine for a while and then it started dropping leaves. They weren't curled or yellow. They just fell off. The big bushy tree I got is now looking kind of spindly. The leaves are still green, bit I have seen a few that have curled and look dried out.

I'm in southern Virginia, and the heater has been on more lately, so I've been misting it. Also, the tree is sitting on a pebble tray with water, but not in the water.

I'm afraid it may have root rot, but I don't want to pull it out of the soil again. Plus, every time I move the tree more leaves fall off. It's frustrating because I was soooo excited to get this tree, and I'm afraid it won't make it through the winter.

Is there anything else I can and/or should do. Maybe help with a diagnosis and prognosis. I'm not good with patience, so does anyone know how long I should wait to see if I have irreparably damaged this tree?

Thanks for any and all help

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