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Seam or no seam quartz countertop

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We will have a quartz countertop for the "L" shaped portion of our kitchen, and I have a few options for the seam(s).

We can choose to put the seems on either side of the under mount apron sink (so they would only show in the back), there would be no seem at the corner. In order to accomplish this though, the front corner of the countertop would come out about 2" (I believe) just in that corner and it would be a 45 degree angle vs a 90 degree angle..I hope that makes sense. This link is the best I could find for a picture:

Our other option is to have the normal 90 degree corner and the seam would go diagonal to the back corner.

Are there benefits to one over the other? Which is our better option?

Lastly, is an eased edge a good option for a quartz countertop? I like simple, clean lines, no frills.

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