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ready for living room overhaul but can't get over awkward room. help!

4 years ago

We are finally ready for a living room overhaul! I'm still living with some college furniture folks WAY past college. I know what look I would like and even have a few non-furniture things picked out but I can't for the life of me pull the trigger on purchasing anything due to the rooms awkward layout and worried about cohesiveness of design. I hired a professional and it was a terrible experience. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated!

Some things to note - my husband is 6'4" so low to ground things are not good. We love high back items. We also have 3 young boys. Also, for floorplan we use this room more than any room in our house. Openness is important to me (don't like furniture covering every since possible) but we also host all of our families events so this room has a lot to live up to. My husband also unfortunately loves TV, won't move it and need to have "direct" seating. mega eye roll... any help would be majorly appreciated!

1. this is the blueprint of the room. the pillar has been removed but it remain the same other than that. entryway is where the floor says TILE for guests but for us is different.

2. This is the TV wall (top trim added after pic was taken)

3. view from upstairs (I know rug is WAY to small) for reasons noted in following pics I don't like this layout.

4. view from kitchen - I don't like this layout - very closed off feeling and makes the room feel small. TV wall has changed to pic#1 above already. don't like walkway area to left of shown sectional but don't want to block doorway for entry

a better view of it closer - as this was positioned I don' t like the feeling it brings by making the room feel blocked off from kitchen/eating

5.view from formal entryway

6. view of back wall & entry door - ceiling height here is 8ft only below stair catwalk

7. view of fireplace wall

view into kitchen

since these pics I have separated the sectional and have angled one piece by fireplace and the other is against the back wall under the catwalk. It feels better but still doesn't look good. I really would love any input on layout you might have!!!

I would like to do the following:

  • paint everything one cohesive color (including kitchen). have also considered painting the trim tv wall Galveston gray and everything else a off-white but open to the reverse with another neutral color.
  • purchase a 10x14 rug, chandelier, all furniture (except tv console)

I think I can pull together the furniture if I have some advice on the layout. Thank you again for any insight you may have!

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