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What kind of 'mixes' and 'pots' do you use and why?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Many here like to play around with what works for them, so I was curious to see what mix works best for you and how long do you expect it to dry out?

How long does the actual mix dry out and in what kind of pots?

What kind of pots do you like to use and why?

Have you created a good mix that works well for most if not all your succulents and cacti?

I personally like to use a couple.

I use the famous 'gritty mix' in an amended version and I also use 'Pro Mix', a very porous already made bagged mix.

I find that unless my plants are placed in plastic pots, in clay pots using the gritty mix, they dry out way to fast on a hot window sill, very warm room, or under lights and will desiccate. Therefore the Pro Mix is perfect for mine. Sometimes the gritty mix in plastic pots is also good.

I use the 'Pro Mix' which is very porous and has about as much as per-lite as peat, and I will add pumice to make it even more porous for certain plants that love drier conditions.. In clay pots I find I still must water almost every day with plants in the sun in a warm room and every 2 to 3 days with those in partial shade or cooler rooms. But even though the mix may dry out quickly, none of my plants look starved or stressed for water where as in a gritty mix they do by the time the next day rolls around in clay pots! Love it.

These mixes work for every plant I own. Unless I have a plant that does not mind drying out with hours, I will use the gritty one in clay or shallow containers.

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