Help with rehab for roses - newbie

3 years ago

Hello. I have moved into my new house a year ago and it has the most beautiful garden including 10 rose bushes. Unfortunately the previous owners neglected the roses and did no pruning or feeding or anything so I had to start from scratch by giving them all a good prune in Winter and a feed in Spring.

There are two that I am concerned about, they are climbing roses and sit side by side against a fence but when I moved in they had no leaves and were just brown sticks. I pruned them right back and come Spring & Summer they have gone crazy! I got very few actual flowers just mad growth of these very long bendy off shoots with masses of leaves. Lately I have noticed the leaves at the base of the shoots or in the centre of the bush have begun to yellow and die off. This is despite spraying and feeding the bushes.

What is going wrong? Should I just let them do their thing and then cut them right back again in Winter? Is there soemthing I should be doing that I'm not that is causing this?

photos attached...

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