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Drawers difficult to slide on and out on antique dressers: solution?

linnea56 (zone 5b Chicago)
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I have had this set almost all my life, so it has great sentimental value. It’s walnut on the outside, but the drawers seem to be oak sides. It was old when my parents bought it for me as a child.

The antique set has very deep drawers, with a wooden “glide” on the base. They are both hard to pull out, and even harder to push back in. If I don’t get them absolutely perfectly lined up, they stick and I end up having to pull them out and try again. Half the times I still don’t get it and the drawer ends up being left sticking slightly out. Which is a great disincentive to use them.

I find I actually go to a more modern set (now 30 years old, LOL) in my now disused son’s room for clothes, because those drawers go in and out easier, even though they have the same, single wooden glide in the base. They might work better because they are newer: but also I think because the drawers are shallow and hold less, therefore weigh much less.

When I first brought it to this house 30 years ago from my parents’, I used blocks of canning wax rubbed on the runners. I believe I’ve done it a couple of times since.

There might be some better solution that I don’t know about.

Part 2 of my question: I will probably re-post this in the Organizing forums, but maybe those of you with antique sets have solved this already.

The drawers are very deep. How can I make them more user-friendly? No matter how I fold my clothes, they are soon messed up when I have to delve down to the bottom to look for something. I tried rolling the clothes and standing them up, but even that way they get messed up when I dig too. You can find drawer organizers, but all the ones I’d seen are shallow too, plus made with small compartments for things like individual sock pairs. Not where I’m at.

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