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Looking for some help with my lighting layout for house i'm building

6 years ago

I'm building my own house and want to make sure i have the lighting correct. I'm framed up and dried in and working on electrical. I live in a redneck town of 1500 people so there are no "lighting designers" anywhere to be found. I tried to inform the architect of what was needed but not sure he got it correct.

Floor plan and eletrical plan:

Not sure the information needed but heres what I assume.

House is essentially three corridors.

Left corridor is master bedroom and bath. 17' wide, 9' walls center of room ceiling height is probably about 10'6".

Center corridor is Great room and kitchen. 24'3" wide, 9' walls, 15' peak in ceiling

Right corridor is Kids room, spare bedroom, office/media room. 14' wide, 9' walls, 10'6"ish center peak of ceiling.

Wanting to do mostly recessed led lighting. Was planning to do something like:

Halo SLD LED Recessed lights for the general use lights pretty much everywhere. I like that they use a small JBOX for keeping the size of holes in the envelope down.

I also plan to do LED cove lighting around the edges of great room, master bedroom.

Open to other ideas for hallway, media room, etc lighting. Not sure where to start honestly.

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