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Your best Hybrid Teas?

Sara-Ann Z6B OK
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Which Hybrid Tea roses are your best when considering the overall health of the bush and the blooms?

These were all consistently healthy during the season and produced the best blooms overall.

I think my list is probably different every season, but as of Season 2017 mine are -

While it took forever for MEMORIAL DAY blooms to look their best, when the rain subsided they were gorgeous and the bush is very healthy!

BEVERLY consistently produces nice blooms and the bush is so disease resistant and attractive.

SWEET BEAUTY - I was so impressed with this Kordes rose. Loads of gorgeous fragrant blooms on a nicely shaped bush

DARK DESIRE - Very impressed with this Kordes too! I planted two own root and they set on blooms all season, never detected much fragrance though.

STEPHEN’S BIG PURPLE - It took this one a little while to do its thing, once it did though, it produced perfectly gorgeous blooms on a healthy bush.

I have many hybrid teas I love, and the list grows longer every year, but these five were my best performers!

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