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Help!! will my Hoya compacta be ok?

6 years ago
I inherited this plant from my mom about a 18 months ago. I had zero knowledge about how to care for it but it's been doing fine until recently. Because it was her's and because it's a really awesome plant, I would be heartbroken if I killed it.

Recently, we had site finished floors put in and it spent about 2 weeks with very little light. It also accumulated a lot of dust before I moved it away from the construction. To add to the situation, my husband thought I was neglecting it and he started watering it every few days

Now, it has many ropes that are turning light green and more yellow leaves falling off.

In a moment of panic (4 days ago), I repotted it, thinking that the problem might have been too small of a pot. I can tell that I was thriving at one time because there were roots and vines growing outside the plastic container. I put it in a new pot and added some cactus/succulent soil.

Now, I thinking that the main problem was over watering and root rot.

I'm obsessing and maybe just need someone to tell me it will be fine or offer better advice than what I am piecing together from google

I'll add more pics in comments.

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