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My bathroom redo - need help making final decisions!!

4 years ago

Hi all,

I'm redoing my kitchen and bath and trying to get some feedback from people who have a better eye for design than I do, particularly since I have a really hard time knowing how anything is going to look until it's in front of me.

Anyway, this is for the bathroom 5x7, basically white vanity (I wanted wood but this has to be 18" wide and I can't find what I like!) White toilet, tub, black fixtures like sink and shower. White subway with dark grout in shower.

And now I am trying to decide on these 2 floors. I like the dark to give the room a break from all the white, and the industrial look of it Sort of a distressed concrete look. I also like the marble hex because it's pretty, probably a bit more timeless, but not sure if it's just too much white everywhere.

I would also like to know if everything else looks "ok" before I start ordering it all! Should I be doing anything different? I plan to add color via shower curtain, rug and accessories on shelves and what not.

Any thoughts? Thanks!!

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