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Need to buy white paint but need your advice please..

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We had our kitchen remodeled 6 years ago and our kitchen and island cabinets arrived pre-painted. I asked what the color of white was and wrote it down as Valspar "white lacquer". Now when I go to buy this paint, the paint man tells me lacquer just means it was sprayed on. The construction company is no longer in business so can't reach them.

I need to paint my baseboards and the interior side of my front door and I have no idea what color to buy. I want a true, bright white. Should I buy semi-gloss or high-gloss ? I don't care what brand, just a TRUE white of good quality. My cabinets still look good, doing door and baseboards only.

I'll post this photo when it was finished which may help.

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