Master bath reno - hire a designing company or just a GC?

3 years ago

Hello, I am a first time home buyer and I want to renovate my master bathroom. I know what I want in terms of design, tile, etc. and am not planing on changing the existing layout. With that being said, is it better to hire one of these companies that has a designer, GC and subcontractors or just hire a GC? If I hire a GC do they usually have subcontractors they work with or would I have to find them on my own? My hesitancy with hiring a company is that 1) they may not have the product I am looking for within my budget (or at all) even though I can procure the materials I want myself, and 2) money that could go towards product would probably go to the company as profit. I know that everyone needs to make money, but if I have a 10K budget and 3K goes to them just because they have a company name, it doesn't help me much. Any advice?

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