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Mismatched Kitchen Counter-tops

Valerie DeVries
5 years ago

I am wondering to what extent could someone do mismatched counter-tops and it look horrible. I have a family member who works for a counter company. We can't afford to do a big kitchen remodel, but we really want to update our kitchen. I was hoping we could paint our counter-tops and find a clear coat or epoxy that could withstand the abuse we put on our counter-tops that we could do ourselves and wasn't horribly costly. Apparently no one thinks that is a good idea or no one has encountered that before. So, I am now onto the idea of mismatched counter-tops. The only thing is, that will probably be side by side mismatched. We will be at the mercy of their scrap pile, so I don't have my hopes up that we will find something or find something in a timely manor. I really don't care if my counter-tops are the same color right next to each other. I am running as far away from tacky as I can possibly get, but again, I don't know if this will even work out.

Has anyone had different counter-tops unlike the pictures google gives. I don't know if I am explaining this correctly. But what I am trying to do is find counter-tops that will fit, but may need to be different colors side by side. Hoping to colors will be similar. Painting the kitchen walls a light grey and the cabinets a cream white. So I am thinking different shades between white and black.

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