Help!, which option should I pick to paint my brick home?

Rebecca Wofford
3 years ago
Hello Houzz community! I just bought this home and I'm undecided as to whether I should paint the brick or not. I've read that both sides of the isle (making a maintenance free material now requiring maintenance) and (advanced paint now lasts a lifetime without chipping), but I wanted to get your opinions as to which look is best for the home and everything to consider, like if it would decrease value if brick is painted or would I regret it down the road if it's a fad now.. below are pics of my colonial home originally built in 1860's, and pics of other homes with the examples of paint choices I refer to. Thank you for your help!!
The two options are
1) paint brick soft white and all window trims and door black (as a doc seen in pics)
2) paint window frame black, and window trim white and leave brick as is. (see pic example below.)

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