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Huge old Fortune's Double Yellow in danger

6 years ago

There is a small park in Ross, CA in the North SF Bay where a very large Fortune's Double Yellow rose is thriving. It does not appear to get any care. Unfortunately, the creek the park is next to has flooded many times over the years, the last time in 2005, when the entire town, and the nearby town of San Anselmo, were inundated - 5 ft deep water on the main town street, and hundreds of homes damaged - all in the middle of the night, with the police having to go door to door to wake people up. An actual example of the saying "The whole town's under water". I grew up there in the 1950s, and I can remember being out of school because our school was under 3 feet of water for 2 weeks.

Anyway, after the locals passed a special tax for flood control, and then tens of millions of dollars were spent on consultants for the next 12 years, nothing much has been done to prevent future flooding. Now they have come up with a plan, which involves basically leveling the park where the rose is growing, so that the concrete channel the Corp of Engineers put the creek in in the 1960s can be demolished there, and the park used for a more natural flood plain/ water retention basin for when the creek floods.

So, this rose may be a goner. I have emailed the town and the local rose society, so if it cannot be saved at least several people can take cuttings of it - I have a rooted cutting of it growing in my garden, and I think it is a very good cultivar. In my no spray garden, it gets no disease, and is climbing happily in partial shade. Here is a pic of the original one in the park in bloom:


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