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Mountain Transitional - Need help with window/trim design choices

Hello - We're designing a custom home around a Mountain Transitional design theme. This style generally has aluminum/fiberglass clad wood windows to provide that warm, natural feeling in the interior. Our design will include a lot of windows and I'd like to ask those that are much wiser and more creative than I if they've ever seen such a design theme pulled off with full vinyl or fiberglass windows. Not necessary white, but a solid color such as bronze.

The closest I've seen is 3 sided drywall with a wood apron, but it just doesn't generally look right to me. Would love to hear any ideas on window style, color, and trim out that we might be able to consider without going for the $$$$ clad wood windows.

Thanks so much for any ideas or input. I might very well be trying to accomplish savings that just won't aesthetically work -- but it feels worth the try this early in the process for us!

Some pics of various examples of our 'style'

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