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Book, Movie or Both?

6 years ago

I seldom think the movie version of a good book measures up. For example, the movie version of Unbroken completely missed the theme of the book (survival not of the war, but of a dream lost). I waited to see the movie on TV and was glad I did not waste the cost of a movie theater ticket. Gone Girl and Wild are two other examples of movies that were entertaining, but the books were much better.

Recently I gave in and watched the movie Me Before You on Netflix after having read the book 3 years ago. I was prepared to be disappointed. Nope! The movie was perfectly cast and well-acted. Whether or not it was true to the book, overall, my reaction was the same to the movie as to the book. I thought the lead actress brought even more to her character than the book.

The movie Seabiscuit led me to Hillenbrand's book to confirm the life of a jockey as depicted in the movie. Neither the movie nor the book disappointed me.

Do you typically avoid the movie version of books you loved? Conversely, do you seek out the book upon which a movie you like was based? Examples?

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