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What to do with blue vanity top in retro 1960 bathroom

5 years ago

I am buying a a house with a very blue bathroom, and I need some advice! I want to keep the wall tile (as well as the blue tub, not pictured) because they are in excellent condition and I want to stay true to the home's mid-century roots. I plan to paint the walls white or very light blue, and replace the flooring with a retro-inspired white or blue mosaic tile.

I'm not sure what to do with the vanity. It's newer replacement, and good quality, but I think the style and color of it really clash with the rest of the bathroom. I am considering painting the cabinet a true white color and adding chrome hardware...but what to do with the top? I'd prefer a white porcelain or quartz counter. How difficult would it be to remove the existing top myself? Is it something that would best be left to a pro? I am afraid of damaging the tile. I considered painting the counter, but I've heard that's just a temporary fix and wouldn't hold up over time. Does anyone have experiencing changing a vanity top that's adhered to old wall tile like this? Am I overreacting? Does it actually look fine as is?

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