Small Walk in Pantry Advice Please!

3 years ago
Attached are depictions of our pantry from our closet guy (who is awesome). The pantry is a tight space, as shown, because it used to be an old powder room that was built under our staircase (we live in an old house).

So here are my two questions:

1) I feel like there are too many shelves. What say you? I feel like i should make Column B all 10” spaced shelves or there about, Column C 18”, 2x 16” and 2x14”, And Column D 18”, 2x14”, and 2 x l2”. Does that seem about right.

2) Column B is 4.5” deep, and Columns C and D are 8” deep. My concern is that means the walkway width / distance bn that wall and the wine rack wall is 23”. Is that just too crazy narrow or, since it’s just a pantry that won’t get every day use, is that okay? I don’t want to go too shallow or the shelves won’t be as functional. I guess I could go deeper on the bottom few shelves and 4.5” from the waist up to give more shoulder room...

Advice appreciated!!!!!

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