Maximum width for custom kitchen base cabinets

Ricardo Parra
3 years ago

Hello dear Houzz comunity,

I'm in the process of scrapping my old kitchen and cabinets. Due to a water leak and bad tenants, most of the cabinets panels are rotten and unusable. I have to cover one side of the kitchen with a total of 107 inches worth of base cabinets. The issue with using standard cabinets (24, 30, 33, 36 and 48) is that I will not manage to use the total space, and the standard depths are also not compatible with the original countertop (which I'm keeping).

After a lot of thought regarding my needs, what makes more sense in terms of construction, would be to make two wide cabinets: 70 and 37 inches. The 70" cabinet would be divided in two with a division in the middle, it will have on both sides a shallow drawer for cutlery and two deep ones for storage; The 37" cabinet will be for the sink, and it will only have doors while I figure out a smarter use of the space.

The 70" cabinet is at the moment my biggest issue here, what would you guys recommend for the base? I'm more keen on using adjustable legs on the whole kitchen, but some people told me that, to make leveling easier on a wider cabinet, a base platform would be better, while also offering rigidity for the long base, but I don't know, a frame will not let me level it so easily. I was thinking on using 5 adjustable legs, having the fifth in the middle of the base, the cabinets are 18" deep (instead of standard 24").

Finally, I will use 18mm plywood for the base, the sides, the vertical division in the 70" cabinet, and the top. Regarding the latest, I will not use stretchers as with most cabinets. I have a Neolith countertop, which is barely 10mm thick, and it needs to be in full contact with another surface for installation. I'm using a pretty good plywood and I'm aiming at showing it off, leaving the edges naked. All panels will be joined using round dowels and screws, the back will be 1/4 plywood on the 70", the other one will have a combination of stretches and aluminum squares for the sanitary connections coming from the wall.

Do you guys foresee any issue with this construction? what do you think about the legs vs frame? will 18mm suffice?

Thank you!

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