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ISO inexpensive long chandelier multi pendant. I HATE to SHOP!

4 years ago

We have a 35' open space (spanning 3 floors) with a staircase wrapping around it. We are having a chandelier box put in, so that a chandelier, with multiple pendant lights, can hang down into the space. I'd like something over 10' long so that it can be seen as you progress up the stairway.

I thought incorrectly that would be relatively easy to find. But I've been looking for months. Searching for words like "tall" or "long" doesn't help. Also, it seems like there are a million lighting websites out there. Most lighting websites don't let you filter by length of fixture. So I've probably looked at over a thousand fixtures, at this point. Mostly they are too short. Or I've found very cheap (sub $100) kits on Amazon but they are plug-in, not hardwired, and frankly so cheap they are a little scary.

Add to all that, I hate shopping. I really, really hate shopping. So now I'm frustrated and overwhelmed. I could so use a tip or sympathy :)

This is the closest I've come to a match: Just barely over 10'

What I'm looking for:

1. 3 or more lights

2. over 10 feet long

3. I'm on a pretty tight budget. (keep it sub $300)

4. I'm comfortable with some level of DIY.

5. I'm hiring a professional to install it.

6. At this point, I'll consider any style or aesthetic

I'll add some inspiration photos.

Has anyone else seen such a thing? Found something you liked?

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