Color/Design Gurus: Please help me pick quilt color for new bed

3 years ago

My husband I just purchased our first bed together and he has given the me the go ahead to splurge on buying a new quilt (and we will eventually replace our existing linens/duvets etc).

We're looking for something to last a long while, right now I've been looking at Coyuchi's Twilight Quilt i love the organic, soft aesthetic. But if anyone has any other suggestions for a high quality product please let me know! We'll add a new duvet/insert later, that's some serious $$$.

This is our bedroom (the photo is from the perspective of the bed (it's in a nook with our office/book public space on the other side). Excuse the mess , crooked picture and the artistic toddler work on the white walls which will be repainted this week : )

We're remodeling our entire house and acquiring furniture etc. so it's a decorate and acquire slowly as we go. Fun, but lots of room for improvement and more art!

I love the white color quilt, but I'm terrified about the dirt factor. I think the gray may be too cool. You see my old waverly quilt which is 15+ years old, it's held up great, but is finally starting to show its age. Plus it will be too small for our new bed : (

HALP!!! Please!