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Family room needs your help to brighten up

5 years ago
Our family room is huge, we have been thinking about different ideas but end up disagreeing as to what would look good .
There is a lot of space behind the sofa that I'm not sure how to best make use of. We already have a dining room so can't put another one. We plan to buy a bigger Tv and put a big media console for the huge wall. There is plenty of sunshine in the morning, not happy with the blinds as they look dull and boring, should I use curtains instead, what colors would you use to make it homely and warm. I have two young teens, want them to spend more time here than in their rooms. What can we do with the niche space near the tv.
I have looked at several photos and ideas but need your help to put is all together.
Any suggestions or ideas please?
Thank you for all your help

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