Frameless Cabinet Brand Input

4 years ago

We are planning a kitchen remodel using frameless, plywood box cabinets in a painted white finish. The door style will likely be a modern version of a shaker door with mortise and tenon construction. I have have narrowed the choice to 4 semi-custom brands in the same relative price range at different dealers -- Greenfield, Grabill, Signature and Touchstone. I'd appreciate hearing anyone's input on the construction and painted finish of these brands. I am particularly concerned about the durability of the paint and seeing the "seam lines" at the 4 connection points around the door over time. We do keep our home temperature and humidity controlled, so I am not sure if this will be a big factor.

Another question on selection of dealer -- some of these brands are sold at multiple dealers in my area. Should I expect to see much price difference from dealer to dealer on the same layout and same brand? We want to keep the price down as much as possible, as we will likely be in our home 5-10 years max. Thank you.

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