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We have an odd kitchen colors / layout dilemma

Ryan Pulliam
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

As you can see we have a two color wood kitchen which is 12 years old. The cabinets are nice Legacy cabinets which will look fantastic painted white.

Our dream is an all white kitchen and we prob want to proceed as separate projects. I am considering the following (I’ve added wild guesstimates)

We’d love any thoughts/advice!

(a) First we plan on taking down the decorative piece above stove and painting the wall the current wall color- $50

(b) Then we plan on having cabinets professionally painted (catalyzed lacquer paint) with Sherman Williams Pure White; basically everything but island. (For now we’d leave our tan countertops as we believe they will work well enough with white and we don’t want to have to buy a new sink as the countertop and sink are one unit.); we'll replace cabinet hardware as well. - $2,250k

(c) We’d research and have a new new range hood installed (and/or maybe even a window); we’ve never had one before so we have to explore the complexity of it. - $1,500?

(d) We’d get a new white island (1 level, no longer angle) and add a block wood top (or quartz) and haul off of old island - $5k

(e) We’d replacing non-island countertops with a white-ish quartz plus new sink (if we went with quartz we’d have to match the island) - $4k

(f) We’d find a new island light in kitchen (notice how its off center now; we’d have to figure that out) - $500

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