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Regrout? Paint grout? I need advice!!!

Leigh Westman
6 years ago
We are renovating our guest and master bathrooms. Wish I discovered this forum before we started, but better late than never! So our guest bathroom floor was tiled and then grouted with TEC Delorean Gray. I noticed some thin-set had squished up in between the spaces of the tile mosaic and made some spaces look white while the rest of the grout looked gray. Also, there were a few tile pieces crooked on the mosaic sheet and a few tile pieces cracked or chipped. So I asked our installers if they could remove and replace the crooked ones with straight tiles, remove and replace the cracked and chipped pieces, and fix the white thin-set so the grout would all be the same color. They did most of this, but they missed some thin-set and the patched grout looked a lot darker than the rest of the floor. I waited a week then asked them if they accidentally used the wrong grout. They said they didn’t, but they would re-grout in the dark patches and get the rest of the thin-set out. Well, it has been 3 days, and the new patched grout is an improvement but still looks darker than the rest of the floor, and there is still some thin-set visible in different areas. Also, two more tiles were chipped in this process and not replaced. I’m getting frustrated, but maybe I’m being too picky? This is a new floor, and I don’t want it to look dirty and aged before it’s even a few weeks installed. Is it impossible to get patches of grout to be the same color as the rest of the floor, or should I ask them to re-grout the whole floor or paint the grout the same color? I’m. It sure of how to improve this. Here are some pictures of darker patches. It’s a little more drastic in person.

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