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FOTESS: Hostess List for 2018

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

It's time for FOTESS members to start thinking about hosting for the
upcoming year. Shirley and I send a big thank to everyone who hosted
a swap for FOTESS this past year. Everyone did a really great job and
the ideas were really creative. We really appreciate the time and
effort you gave for FOTESS!

If you would like to host a swap in 2018, just fill in your name on the
month you want and re-post the list. If you can't figure it out, let
me know which month you want and I'll post it for you.

If you haven't hosted before and would like to try, we'll help in any
way we can, but I will say that I love to see the creative ideas
everyone comes up with and get a surprise when it's posted. Remember
that our group name is “Friends of the Earth SIMPLE Swaps” so the
theme doesn't have to be complicated or expensive for those who

If you sign up and life throws you a curve, just let us know and I'm
sure someone will be willing to trade months with you or simply fill
in. I can take another month if necessary, but I want you to have the
opportunity to select while there are lots of choices.

January – Jeanne (sandlapper_rose)

February -

March -

April –

May -

June – Jeanne (sandlapper_rose)

July -

August -

September -

October -

November -

December -

Thanks again.


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