Small B&W Kitchen - Open Shelving vs Cabinets ideas?

Victor Hoffman
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I am in the final project portion of my DIY (mostly) kitchen remodel. Pretty stoked on how things have come out so far. Ideas have have changed as different elements come into place. I am currently stuck on what to do on the sink side of the kitchen. The stove side is complete.

1) Subway tile wall with open shelving? (Original plan) My concerns are that subway tile may be to "traditional" and clash with the stove backsplash? larger or stacked subway instead of staggard maybe?

2) Black matte cabinets with glass doors (thinking chicken wire safety glass inserts)? If so maybe a more solid backsplash

3) Light wood or white cabinet instead of matching black matte?

Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.

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