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Help-what to do with this brick trim around front door ?

4 years ago

We are having our home painted in a few days as well as having new tile flooring on our recessed porch. The body including the stucco shown in photos below will be a medium grey and our front door will be SW promegranate red (color below). I do NOT want the red brick currently surrounding our front door. It's original and doesn't match the brick on our planters. The painter is planning to paint the brick a shade of white but after reading about upkeep, regrets, etc. I'm having second thoughts about painting this brick. We like the brick planters and they'll stay as is.

Other than painting the bricks white, what are my options? One option would be to stucco over the brick and then paint it white. What about covering it with wood ? I need to figure this out ASAP. Thank you.

Below is the color we'll be painting our door.

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