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BM Super White next to Decorator’s White

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I love Super White, which is the color my paint was color-matched to, and it’s throughout my house. The paint we have is a different brand and it’s not as durable as other paints I’ve used, so I‘m getting ready to repaint most of the downstairs with BM. Since I’m going to all of this trouble, I’m considering changing to Decorator’s White, which I love even more. I would like to stop at the stairway, where there is a natural transition, but it is visible.

I am definitely okay mixing whites - I don’t need all my whites to match, just look good together. In a few places I have already switched up the sheen or used other shades of white and it looks good because I do have a lot of white furnishings, etc.

Has anyone paired Super White and Decorator’s White? Does it make the Decorator’s White appear too grey-blue? Also, I love how light and bright Super White is, and it’s hard to tell if Décorator’s White is actually darker or if it’s just the undertone. Any other suggestions that would look good with Super White? I do not want anything cream or anything with a yellow undertone. I’m going to get paint samples this afternoon, and I would love input! I keep debating what sheen to use, and I would really love to splurge and use Farrow and Ball in my living room, but I seem to remember their paints are beautiful but the whites aren’t bright. I know I have a sample book somewhere. I worry next to the Super White the rest of the House would look bad, or the Farrow and Ball would look dull instead of soft. I read somewhere there is another paint brand that is highly pigmented like Farrow and Ball, does anyone know if this is true?

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