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Top quality plumbing fixtures with independent temp and volume

Ben H
5 years ago

I'd like a shower valve where I can set and leave the temperature and just operate it thereafter with a single (and far larger) volume control. I know Delta TempAssure and Brizo, it's sister company have these products. Brizo looks nice but doesn't quite have a design I love. I'm told both Delta and Brizo use the same rough valve which I suppose is the heart of what matters. Having even one service trip to replace a valve would more than make up for just about any cost difference in these valves. The Delta designs are alright but I think the top part of the trim is plastic. One thing I love about both is the rough-in valves are low cost. The fixture salesman said they were as reliable as they come. I admit to having a mental block that Delta stuff was junk. Are they really reliable ? The stuff in the showroom didn't quite have the forged slab of metal quality look but did seem well made.

Many brands don't make any such beast (Moen, Kohler). For some reason, most other brands that do (Grohe, Axo, several others) have what looks like a very small volume control and a large temperature lever. It seems backward to me. Once I have my ideal shower temp, I don't want to change it. The tiny volume controls seem awkward.

I've seen a few boutique Italian models that appear to. I'm somewhat worried about quality control but no arguments that the designs are gorgeous.

KWC has attractive thermostatic valves but I have no idea if they do the independent control thing.

Anyone who installs a billion of these things and repairs a billion more have an opinion of what to get ? (of course with every feature under the sun that I want).

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