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Gap under single wall oven- filling the gap advice

Patrick Ritchie
5 years ago

Greetings all, I recently had an oven installed and I need some guidance on how to best fill the gap. Here is the situation. The gap is approximately 3 1/4 inch in height and 29-30 inches in width. I'm trying to decide whether to do buy a custom aluminum piece for $45 from to match stainless similar to second picture (it is black in picture but the idea is the same). They will also do a stainless steel piece for around $230 that has a smooth finish and matches the depth of the oven. OR, have a piece of wood put in and try to match the cabinets which were painted maybe 20+ years ago. I would totally go for the wood option if somebody could get it really close to seamless and make it look like it's basically always been there. What do you think? Has anyone used Micro Trim and bought their standard or custom stainless steel oven fillers? OR, have you done the wood option and the match been close enough? Thanks in advance.

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