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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

5 years ago

The various gift ideas posts have been so helpful to me, I thought it might be fun -and helpful- to create a post solely for stocking stuffer ideas. A few years ago, my DD stayed up late one night and sewed brand new stockings for the entire family, using gorgeous fabric. They are just beautiful, but they are also HUGE! So, for the last few years, I've really focused on stuffing them with a few quality items instead of just fun, last-minute junk (although there is some of that too!) This means I've had to start earlier instead of just leaving it as a last-minute errand after the real gifts are taken care of.

Some of the things I'm getting this year:

Photo luggage tags and keyrings (I get mine from Nations because I love their photo quality, but I'm sure you can get them lots of places).

Good tanning gel for DD

SAXX underwear for my rock-climbing son.

Military grade flashlights from Amazon

Would love to hear more ideas!

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