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Fireplace Bottom Molding Issue/Cut off too much on bottom - help!

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

While updating our fireplace, we decided to add some marble and in doing so, the contractor cut the trim on the bottom of our existing surround way too short. He then filled it with white caulking which is a total eyesore. Has anyone else faced this issue? Is there anything we can use to mask the mistake?

We just renovated our entire first floor and I love it with the exception of this, OUR FOCAL POINT! UGH...

The first pic is before I asked to please fix this. The next is the result. I am stunned this was the solution presented. I do not like it at all. Has anyone else faced this or know of a different option? I was thinking to add something, but I don't know what!

Please help.

thank you!

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