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Help pick wall color for kitchen with oak cabinets and oak trim

6 years ago

Moved in 4 months ago, trying to update our home working with the oak trim not painting it. This house isnt't modern, so trying to update without a complete overhaul.

Here is the plan so far to get the full picture:

1- remove fluorescent lighting, changing out for drop pendents

2- using a gel stain to darken cabinets to match

trim color around window or just slightly darker

3- adding hardware after staining

4-leaving counters and back-splash as is for now (budget)

So the paint colors I have been looking at are greige: Edgecomb gray, Pale Oak, Balboa mist, Abalone. The previous owners had valances over each kitchen window. The kitchen gets tons of natural light with 3 windows and 2 skylights.

Ok so to the questions:

A- what paint color to work with the cabinets, trim and backsplash

B- curtains yes or no

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