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I do not like view of doorway/bedroom from living area.

6 years ago

We use this bedroom for guests and I also keep a treadmill in there.

Things that bother me:

-view from the living area of door or bedroom if the door is open.

-when we have guests they have to walk out into the hallway and make a left into the guest bath.

-no privacy for guests if they leave door open or even just cracked.


1- move entrance to bedroom by using current closet as a hallway. So the guest would make a right into the hallway (current closet) and then immediate left into the bedroom.

If I did only this, then i would no longer have view of bedroom from living area and the guest wouldn't feel like he had to close the door every time he entered and exited the room. The guest would still have to walk into the hallway to get to the bathroom.


In addition to option 1, use the current closet as a hallway into the guest bathroom. This would require moving the plumbing (drains from above bathroom).

The closet if a good size, standard doorways would fit.

The plumbing is in the floor. We have plenty of extra tile to replace the floor.


build a wall just inside the bedroom to clear the door, so that the door could be left open but at least the wall would provide a bit of privacy if the door were to stay open. If I did this I could then move

the bed behind this wall. ( This only solves one issue, but I dont have guests that often). Would a wall in that location seem strange?

Anyone have an idea what plumbing would cost? Just a range?

My drawing.

Black is current plan.

Red is what I would like.

Yellow are the changes (removing the doorway)

Thank you for reading this long post.

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