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Installing hardwood in a 70's house with different angles

I am installing an oak floor over a 1 1/8" plywood subfloor in a home built in 1978. It has an open kitchen/dining/living room floor plan with large windows and a sliding glass door all along one side. The house is angled with what I thought was one angle. I now realize the angles in other places are not square and walls I thought were parallel aren't. The entry door comes into a front hall that is angles, including the tile to what will be hardwood floor transition. A straight hall leads to the bedrooms. The house is panelled in wood(which I want to keep) and has some stone walls in the entry and the fireplace wall. It is a home in the mountains and my taste is eclectic. Since everything is skewed, what is the best way to run the hardwood and should I use transitions from one unsquare area to the next, like a crosspiece before the hall?

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